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These Printable Postcards Are a Way To Offer Help To Neighbours in Self-Isolation

printable self isolation postcard
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There is now an inventive new way to help make sure the most vulnerable are still remembered and looked after during the self-isolation period forced on the nation by the Coronavirus.

Becky Wass came up with the inventive idea to create a postcard that can be printed out, filled in and posted through the letterboxes of neighbours who might be struggling with food shortages or suffering from loneliness during the self-isolation period.

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Posted by Becky Wass on Thursday, 12 March 2020

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Whether it is offering a phone number for them to call for a daily chat or picking up essential food and shopping, these simple, yet clever cards, could offer an enormous boost for someone in need during the government recommended self-isolation period caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

The small, print-at-home templates requires people to fill in their details and tick the areas where they can help.

Once they have printed the postcard and filled them in, they can be posted through neighbour’s letterboxes.

Printable self isolation postcard users are encouraged to leave any shopping or items for their neighbours on their doorsteps to avoid direct contact with those in self-isolation.

To download the printable self isolation postcard visit Becky Wess online.

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