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The Royal Mint Celebrates Professor Stephen Hawking With Limited Edition Coins

stephen hawking 50p

As one of the world’s most famous mathematicians and thinkers of modern day, Professor Stephen Hawking is set to be celebrated with a limited edition release of coins.

A pioneer of modern thinking regarding mathematics, astrology and black holes, The Royal Mint are commemorating the late professor’s work with a series of 50p coins.

Hawking, who died last year aged 76 after living with motor neurone disease for the majority of his life, joins an elite group of scientists featured on legal British tender including Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

What the New Coins Will Look Like?

stephen hawking 50p

The new 50p coins are inspired by Professor Hawking’s work studying black holes, outlined in his best selling book on the universe “A Brief History of Time.”

The 50p might not be the only place Professor Hawking’s could be found as he is also in the running to be on a batch of new £50 notes.

Where to buy the coins?

The new coins are available to order now online at The Royal Mint, with uncirculated currently priced at £10 each.

If you are interested in more limited edition coins, why not consider a 50p celebrating the childhood favorite Gruffalo coins.

For more information on the limited edition 50p coins visit The Royal Mint.

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