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Puerto Rico Is Hosting a Virtual Holiday, and it Includes Cocktail-Making Classes

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For those who are struggling with the idea of not being able to go on holiday, or even leave the house, Discover Puerto Rico have come up with an inventive way to enjoy a break from reality – a virtual holiday.

The official tourism guides of the South American country are inviting those feeling cooped up in their homes on a virtual holiday to experience everything the tropical paradise has to offer, all from the relative comfort of your own home.

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puerto rico virtual holiday


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The initiative is aimed at helping those who are struggling with the enforced self-isolation and social distancing protocols sweeping the globe due to the UK lockdown coronavirus outbreak.

Discover Puerto Rico are offering to help people take their minds off being stuck indoors with a series of virtual tours around the country.

Included on the inventive virtual holiday are salsa dance lessons, classes on how to make authentic Puerto Rican food, tours around the country, and there is even a cocktail making session.

All of the lessons are taught by Puerto Rican experts to help make the experience that bit more authentic.

To sign up to the holiday visit Discover Puerto Rico online.

For more information on the Puerto Rico virtual holiday visit Discover Puerto Rico online.

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