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This Portable Wardrobe Could Help Purify Clothes of Harmful Viruses and Bacteria

pura case clothing purifier
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As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten lives, it is never been more important to keep you and your clothes clean from potentially harmful bacteria or viruses – and this new wardrobe invention could help safeguard you from harm.

The Pura-Case, designed by Carlo Ratti for tech startup Scribit, is a battery-powered wardrobe purifier that uses innovative cleaning techniques to help completely remove micro-organisms, bacteria, and viruses from clothes – something everyone will need as they adjust to living with the coronavirus.

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pura case clothing purifier


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Viruses and bacteria can survive on clothes for extended periods of time, which poses a threat to peoples safety as they continue to navigate the ongoing dangers of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Pura-Case is an innovative wardrobe that allows users to completely purify their clothes from their home.

The process works by hang up four pieces of clothing inside the zip-close case. Once inside, an air purification system seals, cleans, and deodorises the fabrics – making sure your clothes are completely virus free.

The Pura-Case uses ozone – something typically used in the health and textile industry to sanitise clothing – and can be installed in any domestic setting.

pura case clothing purifier


The case has been made using sustainable fabrics and can be controlled using an in-built LED panel or remotely via a mobile application.

Each case can completely purify clothes over the course of a one hour cycle and uses minimal energy to run.

The Pura Case clothing purifier is currently not available to purchase, but will soon be launched on Kickstarter for those who are interested in investing.

For more information on Pura Case clothing purifier visit Pura-Case online.

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