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This Hotel Bestows Sustainable Luxury Interiors Fostering Wellness

© QO Hotel Amsterdam

Aiming to inspire in new ways so guests experience a different kind of energy, QO hotel has integrated a unique element in every aspect of the way that they offer accommodation.The 276-room hotel is located 10 minutes from Amsterdam’s central station in an area of the city called Amstelkwartier.

The overall design of the QO hotel seeks to reduce environmental impact by embracing circularity and moving away from single use elements.

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QO Hotel Amsterdam

Instead of paper packaging, the hotel uses long-lasting stone paper packaging for the amenities in the rooms. Also, to eradicate the use of single-use glass or plastic bottles filtered drinking water taps are installed in each room.

Furthermore, the hotel uses geo-thermal energy for heating and a greywater system where waste water from the showers is filtered and reused to flush the lavatories.

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QO Hotel Amsterdam

QO Hotel Amsterdam

Other features of the hotel include a greenhouse and fish farm on the hotel’s rooftop where fresh ingredients for the kitchens are grown.

“The greenhouse-style framework […] becomes a storytelling thread throughout the hotel” said Tank founding partner Tommy Kleerekoper.

If you’re planning a visit to Amsterdam soon, make sure to check out this hotel as it could be great for your stay.

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QO Hotel Amsterdam

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