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Reading Books During the Coronavirus Outbreak Could Positively Impact Your Mental Health

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According to new research from the Oxford University Press reading books has been found to be hugely beneficial for our mental health, ideal for those struggling with self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

The new research suggests reading classical books featuring “challenging language” written by legendary authors such as William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens was found to help relieve depression, loneliness and even chronic pain.

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reading improves mental health


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As the country is cooped up in their homes courtesy of the coronavirus outbreak, mental health and the safety of those who might feel anxious or lonely becomes a very real problem.

Reading a book, which is one of life’s simplest joys, has been found to also be the best way of coping with the difficult times ahead during self-isolation and the wider coronavirus outbreak.

The research from the literary experts found that books can take people to a different place, a relaxing space where it can calm, offer wisdom, humour or even both.

The study identified classical books containing challenging language sent rocket boosters to our mind that could help boost our mental and physical health, a perfect antidote to help people cope with the current coronavirus restrictions.

Even the NHS have recognised the importance and benefits of reading with literary prescriptions to help people manage their mental health.

Full details of the Oxford University Press reading improves mental health research visit OUP online.

For more information on the reading improves mental health research visit Oxford University Press online.

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