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Your Next Coffee Cup Could Be Transformed Into Luscious Trees or Beautiful Wildflowers

To help reduce the volume of avoidable waste ending up in landfills around the world a new bidegradable coffee cup has been developed that, once used, can be planted and turned into wildflowers or even trees.

The Reduce. Reuse. Grow cups are biodegradable coffee containers embedded with seeds of flowers and trees, which can be planted to help encourage biodiversity and improve the current climate problems affecting the planet.

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reduce reuse grow cups

Reduce. Reuse. Grow

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The genius everyday invention could be an environmentally friendly game changer, helping to stem the issues caused by single-use cups used by the like of Starbucks, who alone cut down over a million trees each year to make four billion non-recyclable paper cups.

The eco-friendly coffee cup have been made using recycled paper which would typically be too rough to implement back into everyday packaging.

reduce reuse grow cups


How the Reduce. Reuse. Grow cups work is a simple process.

A customer drinks their coffee and once finished they have the ability plant the cup in a number of unique ways based on the particular seeds embedded within the cup, which is displayed on the front of each cup.

Once decided on how to plant, unravel the cup, soak it in water for five minutes and watch it grow into lush greenery.

The cups are compost certified and will even biodegrade within 180 days when not planted in a pot, and it will turn into nutrients for other plants to enjoy.

To back the inventive green living initiative there are a number of pledge options from £1 all the way up to £1000, which includes a range of rewards including cups and other limited edition Reduce. Reuse. Grow products. View them all at Kickstarter online.

For more information on the reduce reuse grow cups visit Kickstarter online.

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