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Renault 1960s Beach Classic gets an Electrifying 21st Century Update

Looking to infuse a classical favourite with fresh life, Renault have revealed an electrifying new concept car that looks like the ultimate retro electric ride for city drivers.

The Renault ePlein Air is a 21st century remodeling of the French car manufacturer’s original family vehicle, the 4L, and was a collaboration between Renault Classic and Renault Design.

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renault eplein air


Tapping into nostalgia and transforming retro cars into modern electric alternatives has become popular amongst manufacturers. The likes of Alfa Romero, Honda, and Ford have all given classical versions of their cars a 21st century upgrade.

The updated 4L, which was unveiled at the 4L international festival, retains much of the character from the original that made it so beloved, with a few modern updates.

The 2019 Renault ePlein Air features gorgeous blue seats, a modified front grille, and a contemporary dashboard with all the usual displays.

The rear seats have been removed to accommodate a brand new drive unit and a bespoke luggage rack – perfect for storing the essentials for day trips to the beach or countryside.

The car weighs just 580 kg, is powered by a 17 BHP electric motor, and will be able to travel roughly 60-miles on full charge.

No details on the full specifications of the car have been revealed, but the ePlein is expected to have a top speed of 50 MPH.

For more information on the Renault ePlein Air visit Renault online.

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