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These Two Gorgeous Churches Have Been Transformed Into Delicious Eatery Destinations

When it comes to treating the family to a delightful meal out, a date-night with your partner, or a celebratory event with friends, nothing quite comes better than enjoying a night out in a beautifully renovated former church.

With such a variety of choice today, restaurateurs and chefs are no longer looking to fit into trendy city center dining spots, they are thinking bigger and nothing comes bigger than transforming former churches into awe-inspiring eateries.

These two, once-abandoned, churches in Burton, England, and Belfast, Northern Ireland, have been completely reinvented to cater to a new congregation, who are focused solely on dining and drinking delicious and heavenly food and drink.

At the Chapel

With an eye on creating a niche dining escape, these two contemporary restaurant, bar and relaxing environments are unmissable examples of what a little TLC can do to transform former abandoned structures into stunning

At the Chapel, Burton, England

At the Chapel

At the Chapel, in the quaint Somerset town of Bruton, in the south-west of England, has transformed a former Grade II listed, 17th-century former chapel.

The eatery, which took six years to complete, features a fully stocked restaurant and bar, which serves breakfast, coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails, wine, beer and dinner.

In addition to the restaurant and bar, At the Chapel also houses elegant and contemporary bedrooms to stay in.

All of this is captured inside a stunning, convivial, former church space that leaves guests and diners in awe of what has been created.

For more details on the entire experience, visit At the Chapel online.

Saphyre Restaurant, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Saphyre restaurant

Housed in the old Ulsterville, Presbyterian church on Lisburn Road, Belfast, The Saphyre restaurant lives to serve a new type of church goer.

The opulent interior of this unmissable dining experience is awash with jewel and old-Hollywood tones.

The space oozes sophistication and delight, with white marble tabletops, plush velvet dining chairs and, of course, a number of subtle nods to the former life the building lived with original stained glass windows and church features.

For more information on the Saphyre Restaurant visit online.

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