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Urban Outfitters’ Stylish Reusable Lunch Tote Makes Bringing Your Meals So Much More Sustainable

reusable lunch bag urban outfitters
© Urban Outfitters

Goodbye plastic lunch box, hello new reusable lunch bag from Urban Outfitters.

The retailer has added a chic way to enjoy your next meal in style to their Conscious collection.

Made from washable paper, this reusable lunch tote is a serious upgrade on the old brown paper lunch bag.

reusable lunch bag urban outfitters

Urban Outfitters

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It features a soft flexible design and an oh-so-chic floral pattern, that’ll make embracing sustainability a breeze.

Of course, it’s not just a pretty face nor simply just a great eco-friendly swap, but contains insulated foil lining and buckled closure that will keep your lunch secure and warm.

You can buy the tote for £30 over at Urban Outfitters online or check in-store availability if you prefer to pick it up in person.