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Richmond Are Jumping On the Green Living Bandwagon With a Range Of Eco-Friendly, Vegan Alternatives

richmond meat free sausages
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The UK’s most popular meat producer is expanding its extensive portfolio with the launch of a range of meat – free sausages to help them break into the vegan and vegetarian markets.

As the world continues to wrestle with the idea of going meat – free, Richmond Sausages are helping those who are embracing a more environmentally friendly diet with their new range of meatless sausages.

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richmond meat free sausages

Richmond Sausages

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A study published by the journal of science, revealed the stark impact the meat industry has on local, national and international climate change.

From deforestation, animal habitat destruction, land erosion, to huge volumes of greenhouse gas emissions, meat production has a wide ranging impact that effects nearly every aspect of everyday life.

Finding alternative ways to produce food and consume food is imperative in helping to slow the affects of climate change.

The new eco-focused move by the meat giants is a change in direction to help those thinking of moderating their meat intake to help preserve the environment and prevent further climate change – which has been linked to meat production and consumption.

The Richmond meat free sausages will come in a twin pack, which will contain 16 sausages, and a pack of eight. It will be available in both Tesco and Asda from June 20202.

For more information on the Richmond Meat Free Sausages range visit Richmond online.

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