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Escapist Restaurants, Spacious Cafes, and Open-Air Bars Could Be The Lasting Legacy Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

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With the coronavirus continuing to disrupt the world, designers are now thinking about what restaurants, bars, cafes and public spaces will look like – and how they will operate – when the lockdown is finally relaxed.

Dubai-based studio Roar has carried out a trend report in collaboration with 170 industry professionals, as well as a group of nine experts, that aims to predict how the Covid-19 pandemic will change the design, layout, and overall experience of restaurants, cafes, bars, and public spaces in the short, medium, and long-term.

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roar restaurant coronavirus report


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The unique report, which is the first of its kind, illustrates the possible short-term impacts from the long-terms health trends that’ll shape the future of public dining, drinking and socialising.

Inside the report there is everything from what restrooms might look like when the lockdown is lifted to how kitchens, open dining tables, and how customers will pay for drinks or meals.

roar restaurant coronavirus report


Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants were advised to give diners 1.4 square meters of space, but the World Health Organisation is now recommending this distance is increased to 2.5 square meters per diner, meaning there could be less seats available per restaurant, bar, or cafe when the lockdown is eventually eased.

The way people pay and order is also expected to change. The report suggested the use of contact-light – which would see physical menus and cash payments removed, along with communal condiments like salt, pepper, sugar, peanuts, and other dips.

The report also added the experts predict open kitchens will become more common after the pandemic, as they promote transparency and allow staff and customers feel safe about their food preparation.

The biggest change the experts expect to see when the lockdown is removed and people are permitted to return to public spaces is in restrooms. The report indicates most bathroom doors will need to be opened and closed using a foot or via wireless sensors, toilets will become automated to guarantee minimal customer contact, more soap dispensers and hand dryers installed.

To view the entire Roar restaurant coronavirus report visit Roar online.

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