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SafeHandFish Are Turning Their Soy Sauce Bottles Into Mini Hand Sanitisers

safehandfish hand sanitiser bottles
© SafeHandFish

To help curb the increasing shortage of accessible hand sanitiser during the Coronavirus outbreak, SafeHandFish are transforming their iconic fish-shaped soy sauce bottles into handy sanitiser.

SafeHandFish, producers of the soy sauce mini fish bottles you get in sushi packets, are filling their fish bottles with hand sanitising gel to help do their part amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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With a global shortage of antibacterial hand sanitiser impacting how people stay safe and fight back against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, companies are coming together to help produce healthcare products to make up the shortages.

Having seen a slow in the demand for their miniature soy sauce bottles, SafeHandFish teamed up with Cleanse EX – a natural antibacterial gel manufacturer, who were struggling to find efficient ways of distributing their products.

The two companies joined forces, swapping out soy sauce of the fish bottles and replacing it with essential hand sanitiser.

The bottles also feature a blue cap, instead of the traditional red one, and SafeHandFish are providing the hand sanitiser for free.

The antibacterial gel is 100 per cent natural, made using purified water and grapefruit seed extract.

For more information on the SafeHandFish hand sanitiser bottles visit SafeHandFish online.

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