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Sainsbury’s Are Introducing a Trial of Plastic-Free Refill Stations For Ecover Products

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To help reduce the volume of plastic waste produced by their cleaning products, Sainsbury’s reveal they are installing dish washing and laundry detergent refill stations to stores in 2020.

The supermarket giant are introducing dedicated domestic cleaning product refill points to help reduce the volume of plastic-waste and harmful carbon emissions their products cause to the environment each year.

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sainsburys ecover refill stations


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With plastic-waste and single-use containers becoming an increasing environmental problem for local, national, and global communities, retailers and supermarkets are looking to find alternative ways to help reduce the volume of waste their products produce, and contribute positive, sustainable solutions to climate change.

Following their pledge to become a net zero carbon emissions company by 2040, Sainsbury’s are installing refillable stations for Ecover washing up liquid and laundry detergent – which they hope reduces the volume of plastic-waste produced by their products.

Customers will have the option to refill selected Ecover cleaning products, using refillable bottles, which can be reused up to 50 times.

Sainsbury’s hope the eco-friendly project will save over a million tonnes of plastic per year

The Sainsburys Ecover refill stations initiative had a 26 February start date, which has since moved following the Coronavirus outbreak.

For more information on the Sainsburys ecover refill stations visit Sainsbury’s online.

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