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SCOBY Packaging Is Made Entirely from Vegetable Waste and Is Here to End Plastic Pollution

scoby packaging

As the world becomes more and more conscious of how plastic waste is contributing to environmental problems, there could be a packaging alternative on its way and it’s made entirely from vegetable waste.

Scoby Packaging, created by Make Grow Lab, is aiming to create a biorevolution with a packaging alternative made exclusively from vegetables and local agricultural waste, which is just as durable as plastic, without all the ecological downside.

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scoby packaging

Make Grow Lab

Plastic waste is causing untold damage to the environment, companies all over the world now striving to address the need for alternative packaging options to help reverse the global plastic crisis.

Unlike plastic packaging, which can stay intact for hundreds of years, SCOBY packaging can last anywhere from a few minutes to a week to two years.

Scoby has been developed with Make Grow Lab’s unique growing and fabrication process, which uses a sustainable circular production of agricultural and vegetable waste.

The beauty of SCOBY packaging is can be made anywhere in the world, all that’s needed is vegetable or agricultural waste, and once the packaging has been used, it is 100% compostable.

SCOBY comes in a number of different sizes from a try, bag, sashet, and bowl.

To order a sample of SCOBY packaging visit Make Grow Lab online.

For more information on the SCOBY packaging visit Make Grow Lab online.

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