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This Company Recycles Sea Shells Into Indoor and Outdoor Garden Accessories

shell on earth
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Shell on Earth are helping to transform organic ocean waste into environmentally friendly and sustainable indoor and outdoor garden items.

The New Quay-based company are designing and manufacturing gardening accessories and supplies using recycled, crushed whelk shells collected from local fishermen.

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shell on earth

Shell on Earth

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It is estimated that over 5000 tonnes of shell waste is produced by the UK fishing industry every year. Shell on Earth are transforming that vast amount of useful waste in 100 per cent sustainable indoor and outdoor plant pots and gardening accessories.

Shell on Earth are based at the Frondolau quarry, on the southernmost point of the New Quay, where the region processes seafood for exportation across the UK, Europe, and the world.

Shell on Earth follow a zero-waste, circular process, making sure there is no unnecessary waste produced when turning the whelk shells into functional garden accessories or equipment.

Each caught whelk is cooked, with the meat and shells individually separated. The shells are then taken to a dedicated area of the factory where they are crushed and cleaned three times, to remove any holdover waste. The crushed whelks are then moved to a drying room to remove any moisture and then packaged or manufactured into garden accessories.

The The sustainably-focused company make turn the shells into everything from plant containers, succulent pots, to natural soil topping that helps to provide gardens with ground cover and a drainage layer.

Each product comes in recyclable packaging, maintaining the 100 per cent environmentally friendly and sustainable cycle.

To view the entire collection visit Shell on Earth online.

For more information on Shell on Earth pots visit Shell on Earth online.

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