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An Enormous Green Wall Is Being Built In the UK to Help Curb Rising Environmental Pollution

© Sheppard Robson

As global warming levels continue to rise, a new green focused building in central London is aiming to help prevent further environmental damage.

UK-based Architectural firm, Sheppard Robson, have revealed a new eco-friendly project, the Citicape House, that hopes to help improve the air quality in the nations capital and has already being dubbed the “largest living green wall in Europe”.

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sheppard robson citicape house

Sheppard Robson

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The new building is located on the Holborn Viaduct, and will feature a 382-room five star hotel along with 40,000ft of workspace, a sky-bar, meeting and events space, spa, restaurant, co-working space and balcony offering unfiltered panoramic views across central London.

The most important aspect of this inventive ecologically-focused project, however, is its green and sustainable composition.

sheppard robson citicape house

Sheppard Robson

The building will be wrapped by a “living wall” of greenery, featuring a range of plants and vegetation, along with housing rooftop gardens and indoor walls where threatened native wildflower specials and insects can flourish.

The greenery aims to capture over eight tonnes of harmful carbon emissions, and convert it into six tonnes of fresh oxygen, whilst also lowering the local temperature by three to five degrees Celsius.

The building is the first project set out by the Urban Greening Policies – the New London Plan – an initiative focused on encouraging more green construction and projects in the city to help it become more environmentally sustainable.

To view the Sheppard Robson Citicape House in its entirety visit Sheppard Robson online.

For more information on the Sheppard Robson Citicape House project visit Sheppard Robson online.

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