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This Department Store Has Found a Theatrical Way to Sell You Products

Ever felt wandering the aisles of shops is a tedious and boring experience? Rarely find anything you want to buy? This experimental store is offering a shopping experience that’ll help you find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Showfields – the most interesting store in the world, is a department store running innovative theatrical stories of brands to showcase their products instead of using traditional shops fronts.

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showfields experiential department store


Showfields is a four-story, New York City based, revolutionary retail concept built to engage and inspire shoppers sense of discovery through interesting and fun experiences with new brands.

The self titled “most interesting store in the world” has partnered with a number of different brands from book shops, to clothing retailers, gin makers and even organic dog food manufacturers to make it easier for consumers to discover their products.

showfields experiential department store


The premise of the alternative department store is to use actors and specially designed artistic retail spaces, which they manage themselves, to tell immersive and engaging stories of the products and try to making shopping fun again.

If the immersive shopping experience gets too much, there are more traditional retail spaces on offer.

To visit the Showfields experiential department store you need to book your experience here online.

For more information on the Showfields experiential department store visit the most interesting store in the world online.

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