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These Adorable Dumpling and Bubble Tea Cases Will Keep Your AirPods Safe

Apple AirPods have become the ubiquitous accessory for modern life, but keeping them safe when they’re not in your ears is an issue, that could be about to change with these adorable new cases.

Smoko, the company behind the range of cute nightlights, air humidifiers, USB chargers, and heated pads, have created a pair of delightful dumpling and bubble tea Airpod cases that’ll make sure those precious earphone accessories always stay safe and secure.

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Much like most products in their collection, the Apple airpod cases are sleek, streamlined and minimalist. They’re clean and sharp, but that also means they can easily be transformed into fabulous customised creations.

With the help of Smoko, your Airpod case can now take the form of either a fab dumpling or bubble tea cup.

Made from durable silicone material, the cases have been designed to protect your Airpods from bumps, drops and cracks.

The fab cases are compatible with both the first and second generation Airpod cases, and also include a hook that can be attached to a keychain or lanyard to prevent it getting lost.

The cases are priced at £12 each, with additional shipping costs added at checkout. They are available to order from Smoko online.

More information on the Smoko Airpod cases, or other Smoko products, can be found at Smoko online.

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