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This Cute Pillow-Shaped Robot Wants to Help You Enjoy the Perfect Night Sleep

sommox sleeping robot

A new sensor filled sleeping robot has been developed to help those who struggle getting to sleep at night, they also look perfect for snuggling with.

The cute sleeping aid has been designed by Somnox, for children and adults who suffer from insomnia, or other sleeping problems, and aims to aid in creating a stress-free natural rest pattern to help you drift off to the land of nod with ease.

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sommox sleeping robot


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The Somnox is the latest example of soft robotics, and could potentially lead to a revolutionary new way in helping solve sleeping disorders, stress, and even loneliness at night.

The kidney-shaped robot has been designed to help people maintain a natural position when hugging it, without deviating from a natural neck and shoulder alignment.

The Somnox has been made from high-quality soft materials, and weights about the same as a small baby.

Sleepers simply cuddle the device while in bed, from there the Somnox goes to work, helping to create a relaxing environment with customised sounds and other sleeping aids.

Somnox will also help you synchronize your breathing, making it easier to reach a meditative state of mind, by listening to your breathing patterns and adapting.

By synchronizing your breathing pattern, sleepers will be able to lower stress levels, relax your body, and allow brainwaves to slow that’ll ensure a semi-hypnotic or meditative state.

The Somnox also comes with a nightlight and personalised tailored application, for Android and iOS, which can be paired with a mobile device via Bluetooth and is used to set relaxing sounds and breathing exercise programmes.

The Somnox sleeping robot is priced at £549 and are available to buy at meetsomnox online.

For more information on the Somnox sleeping robot visit meetsomnox online.

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