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10 Soothing Soundscapes to Help Boost Concentration While Working From Home

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As the country continues to reckon with the new status quo of working from home due to the Coronavirus outbreak, soundscapes are emerging as the potential answer to making the transition a lot smoother.

The move from a hustling and bustling office environment to the relative silence of working from home may prove unsettling for a number of people. Having a simple, relaxing soundscape playing in the background, however, could fill that void and transform home working spaces into those akin to a professional working setup.

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Listening to music has been proven to help relax and restore our wellbeing, and these 10 expertly composed soundscapes could offer the perfect soundtrack to help transform home office environments into new havens of productivity and success.


The healing sounds of rain, thunder and wind are fused with gentle and calming music in this fantasy-themed soundscape.

The soft and delicate notes offers the perfect companion to help those focusing on reading, study or research.

Tropical Island

Instead of the listening to the radio or Spotify playlists playing distracting music, this tropical-themed soundscape featuring waves crashing could be the perfect alternative.

Enjoy the sounds of the ebb-and-flow of the ocean crashing against sandy beaches to help power your through a stressful working day.

Relaxing Jazz

Fresh research carried out by Cambridge Sound Management, intelligible words shift peoples focus from work to figuring out what someone is saying – making your favourite music a bad choice when looking for the perfect ambient work music.

To help avoid this distraction, a collection of relaxing jazz tunes in this soundscape could help shape your working space.

Harry Potter

For those who can’t get enough of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, this soundscape features everything from crackling fires, distant storms and a magical steady rainfall sounds.

All capable of injecting a dose of Hermione Granger’s work ethic into anyone.

Relaxing Music

If complete relaxation is what you are after, this simple soundscape takes its cues from the peaceful hum of spa soundtracks.

Pocahontas Village

Fans of Disney will recognise the sweet sounds of this Pocahontas-inspired soundscape, complete with the soothing hums of running water, crunching leaves, rustling winds and distant voices.

All of these nature-focused sounds are even presented on the backdrop of the iconic Pocahontas melody – Colours of the Wind.

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Ocean Waves

To help give home working spaces a sense of calm, the soft sounds of the ocean couldn’t be a more perfect way to give rooms an aura of creativity.

Think ocean spray, waves crashing against rocks, and the changing of the tides, all combining in this beautiful soundscape.

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Forest Birds

The gentle woodland sounds of the wind rustling through leaves and the quiet chirps of birds presents a soothing melody to help power through a stressful workday.

The all-natural woodland tunes additionally offer the ideal meditation playlist for when the day just gets that bit difficult.

Snowed In

It might not be the wintry season any more, but the relaxing sounds of sitting in a wooden log cabin surrounded by the soft and delicate touch of snow is an ideal way to create a productive working environment.

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