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The Bee Home Is Attempting to Save Local Pollinators and Preserve the World’s Biodiversity

space 10 bee home
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Space 10, in collaboration with Bakken & Baeck, have launched a new design-your-own bee hive to help preserve struggling pollinator populations.

Space 10, IKEA’s sustainable and environmentally friendly design hub, and Bakken & Baeck are inviting people to help solve the global challenge of declining bee and pollinator populations with a do-it-yourself design, customisable, and downloadable bee hives than can be built and place in any garden or open space.

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space 10 bee home

Space 10

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Bees and other pollinators are an essential lifeblood of the planet.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation at the United Nations, nearly 90 per cent of all flowering plants depend on pollinators to grow, survive, and flourish.

Pollinators help create a diverse ecosystem that helps to not only keep plants and flowers alive, but also essential farm crops that feed the world.

Without bees and other pollinators the world would look very different, and with them dangerously close to going extinct, it is important to try to find new ways to help protect and grow their populations.

Space 10 and Bakken & Baeck’s Bee Home aims to encourage more and more people to do a small part in helping to avoid environmental disaster.

Bee Home explores how creative people can get when given free reign to design their own home for bee populations, which can be placed in gardens or any open space.

Through a unique digital platform, that allows anyone to design, customise, and download their own Bee Home, Space 10 hopes to provide a vision of how to help the planet rebalance their relationship with the environment and sustainability.

Bee Home is completely free and can be downloaded at Space 10 online.

To start getting creative with Bee Home visit Space 10 online.

For more information on the Space 10 Bee Home visit Space 10 online.

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