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Space10’s New Recipe Book Will Help You Cook Delicious Sustainable Dishes You’ll Never Forget

Enjoying a sustainable life does not just centre around recycling and using eco-friendly materials, it also involves eating and preparing food.

Space10, IKEA’s secret innovation lab, has revealed a sustainable cookbook, Future Foods Today, offering all the information, recipes, and tools, that’ll help you create delicious dishes, build a more sustainable future, and keep the planet in mind.

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space10 future food today


The innovative book takes chefs to the future of kitchens and cooking, highlighting the foods we consume today, how they impact our environment, and what the future could look like if those foods were to completely run out.

The Future Food Today book aims to create an awareness of alternative food options and offer ideas how to use locally sourced and environmentally friendly produce, helping to alleviate the world’s demand for processed food, especially meats.

space10 future food today


Inside the book you will find meals to feed a crowd or dinner for two. It features recipes such as; sustainability sourced junk food, no-waste snacks, toasties, soups, salads, sandwiches, formal dining options, and even full-blown feasts.

The recipes aim to cover a number of different cultures, moods, and seasons, all connected through the fundamental idea that living a sustainable life can help not only take care of our bodies but the planet as well.

The space10 future food today cook book is priced at £22.40 and is available at Amazon online.

For more information on the Space10 Future Food Today Cook Book visit Space10 online.

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