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Space10 Unveil a Vision for Sustainable and Affordable Homes of the Future

space10 future village project

Living in urban landscapes has never been more stressful, busy, and unaffordable, however, this new innovative project aims to change that with a range of revolutionary solutions.

Space10 and Danish architects EFFEKT have partnered to design the Urban Village Project, which they hope will create affordable homes, make living sustainably far easier, and ensure communities live together in harmony within increasingly busy city landscapes.

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space10 future village project


Cities today face a range of environmental issues from rapid urbanisation, increasing populations, climate change, lack of green space, to increasing house prices.

People living in urban centers also face a social challenge: they’re living closer than ever to one another but have never been more lonely, stressed, and anxious.

That is why Space10, IKEA’s innovation lab, and EFFEKT have designed the Space10 Future Village Project in the hopes of changing this alarming city trend and introduce a new way for people live.

The project has produced a range of ideas of how to design, build, and share future homes, neighborhoods and cities. The aim is to create a sustainable, pulsating community where everyone socialises and lives together.

space10 future village project


Included in the plans are shared facilities and services such as communal dinners, baby daycare, urban gardening, gyms, and transport.

There will be a digital footprint with tools to help keep you connected to friends and family, and integrated environmentally friendly solutions such as water harvesting, renewable energy, locally produced food, and recycling.

The homes will be made out of environmentally friendly cross-laminated timber and will be designed in a modular system, where owners will be able to add and edit rooms as they see fit.

The homes will also be affordable, with cost-effective monthly rates for amenities and rent, in addition to potential subscription models.

The full project is available to view in full online at Space10 and EFFEKT online.

For more information on the Space10 Future Village Project visit Space10 and EFFEKT online.

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