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The Original Spice Girls Tour Bus Has Been Transformed Into An Amazing Airbnb

If you remember the Spice Girls then you will remember their iconic tour bus and this summer you and your friends will be able to spend the night inside it.

To celebrate their 2019 reunion tour, Airbnb have revealed the original Spice Girls double-decker tour bus has been transformed into a bookable holiday space that’ll will allow you and your friends to live like scary, sporty, baby, posh and ginger spice.

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spice girls airbnb

Spice Girls

The union jack covered double decker, which everyone will remember from the film Spice World, has been converted into a plush, three-bedroom home, stuffed with iconic memorabilia from the film and the band.

The hosts will also offer Spice Girls themed snacks on arrival and throughout your stay.


The bus unfortunately does not allow pets and is not recommended for young families, just crazy Spice Girls fans. The bus also does not feature a kitchen, toilet, or running water, but a temporary restroom is being provided just a couple of steps from the bus.

The bus will be parked at Wembley Park, London, which is where the Spice Girls reunion tour is set to begin.

Spice Girl fans will be able to rent the bus for a maximum of two nights, each night costing £99, with booking opening on the 22 May at Airbnb online.

For more information on the bus visit Airbnb online.

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