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9 Ways To Help Support Small Businesses During the Coronavirus Pandemic

support local business
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As the UK coronavirus outbreak continues to lockdown country, small businesses are being ravaged by the virus as the population is unable to leave their homes.

Following the governments forced closure of all bars, restaurants, gyms, and all-non essential high street shops, these everyday local businesses are facing major financial difficulties to pay their rents, staff costs and even remain in business.

To help make sure local businesses around the country are supported, these are some of the best ways everyone can do their bit to make sure local high street businesses survive and everyone is being looked after during the coronavirus outbreak.

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support local business


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gift cards

With no regular daily and nightly guests visiting, many restaurants and bars are now offering gift cards, so friends and family can still treat each other to a nice meal or drinks out – even if the exact date of when is still to be confirmed.

The gift cards will help keep income coming into the restaurants and bars, which in turn will help to pay staff, rent and other costs involved with running a local business.

Donation and Go-Fund-Me pages

Some bars and pubs are unable to offer gift cards or meal tokens, alternatively they have created GoFundMe staff welfare accounts to help staff still receive either their full or at least a portion of their wages.

The donations can be pre-set with the costs of a couple of pints or glass of wine, or can be made open to accepting anything someone is willing to donate.

It is a simple and easy way for regulars or local residents to help local bars and pubs stay afloat during the outbreak.

Restaurant and cafe home deliveries or pick-ups

Since being forced to close their doors to walk-in customers, some restaurants and cafes are offering home delivery services of their products.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner meal options, along with essential home groceries, can still be ordered using applications such as Deliveroo or Uber Eats, along with the businesses own website and social network feeds.

The delivery services help to keep revenue flowing into the business, which helps to keep staff and bills paid.

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Gym, Yoga and Pilates studios

support local business


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Gym, yoga or pilates studios online classes

With daily yoga, gym and pilates classes cancelled indefinitely due to the lockdown, search for your regular instructors on social media or online to check if they are offering online classes to make sure you aren’t missing out.

Some gyms are even offering home workout programmes to help break-up the isolation boredom and keep you fit.

The costs will be relatively inexpensive and will often only cost the same as what you would spend on monthly membership fees.

Continue to pay membership fees during lockdown

To help make sure your favourite gym or fitness centre stays in business, instead of cancelling your membership during the lockdown, keep paying.

It might be a hard pill to swallow as you’re paying for something you are unable to use in the meantime, but it does make sure when the lockdown is eventually lifted your gym will be there waiting for you.

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Bars and club

support local business


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Donation pages

Without people looking for a fun night out, bars and clubs are struggling to pay staff, rent and other bills.

Help support local business and your favourite nightspots by donating to GoFundMe pages and package deals such as drinks tokens, free club entry for a night, month or year.

Some bars and clubs are also selling merchandise, which is available to buy online.

Independent shops


Order online

Beyond the hospitality sector, small independent shops, including gift shops, newsagents, bookstores, clothing and other retail outlets all similarity face uncertain short and medium term futures.

With their doors still firmly close during the coronavirus lockdown, support local business by buying items online.

Most shops are still operating an e-commerce and online shop platform to stay in business.



Continue to donate

As sponsored running races, fundraisers, and other outdoor events are postponed or cancelled, the charity sector is being hit hard during the coronavirus outbreak and imposed social distancing protocols.

These sports and social events are crucial fundraising settings that support the charities important work.

Support your local charitable organisations by donating on their webpages, or setting up JustGiving and other online donating pages for creative virtual fundraising efforts you can do from your home.

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