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10 Ways To Help Sustainable Tourism Grow In 2020

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Everyone enjoys travelling and exploring the world, it broadens our perspective and often offers beneficial life experiences, however, it’s also a well known contributor to climate change, but in 2020 sustainable tourism is set to become the new normal.

By embracing sustainable tourism, travellers in 2020 will be able to have a positive impact on supporting local economies, protect potentially endangered wildlife and avoid contributing to global environmental problems.

Below is a collection of tips to help make sure your next holiday is sustainable and completely environmentally friendly.

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Avoid planes

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Compared with other other modes of transport, flying unfortunately produces the largest volume of harmful carbon per passenger than any other mode of transport.

To help make travel more environmentally friendly from 2020 and beyond, think about using trains or buses, when appropriate.

Give, the right way

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Being charitable something people always want to be, especially while on holiday.

Instead of giving randomly to those in need, give to reputable local organisations who work on social welfare programs, or to international groups who partner with them, that’ll have a much larger impact.

No Plastic

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Plastic-waste is a global problem causing huge damage to the environment.

Currently, there is a slow societal change of attitude towards the harmful material, along with local and national governments beginning to introduce legislation on the banning of single-use plastic containers, but to help now opt for reusable bottles and drink containers instead of harmful single-use plastic alternatives.

Support the real local economy

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Locally produced crafts and souvenirs are always a nice way to take a slice of your holiday home with you.

Sometimes, however, the trinkets and gifts are not “locally” produced, instead being manufactured in factories around the world and dressed up as “traditional” items.

When buying local gifts make sure to check they have been produced locally, by doing so your investment will have a positive impact on the local economy.

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Say no to wildlife products


The transfer of wildlife or natural items exclusive to the local ecosystems has an enormous impact, not least encouraging a black-market industry for rare and endangered items.

To help slow and put an end to the growing marketplace for trafficking rare and potentially, endangered wildlife products, avoid buying items as small as shells

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Use Eco-Friendly, Local Tour Operators

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When it comes to organising your next holiday or trip abroad, try to use a tour operator who offers sustainable travel options.

These could include eco-friendly travel to and from locations, day-trips and tours, along with a number of socially conscious activities aimed at supporting the local economies and environment.

Take ADVANTAGE of carbon offset programs

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If flying is the only option, most plane operators offer carbon offset programs that help to neutralise or reduce their carbon footprint.

These environmentally friendly programs give passengers the option to invest in carbon reduction projects and make sure your carbon footprint is lower when travelling.

Renewable Biofuels


When choosing who to fly with, consider opting for an airline who actively use biofuels and other environmentally friendly resources on-board their planes.

Biofuels are produced using renewable materials such as plant oils, agricultural and food waste, instead of traditional harmful fossil fuel.

By using renewable biofuels, opposed to fossil fuels, could potentially reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%.

Stay at Sustainable focused resorts or hotels

Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

As the world becomes more and more focused on cleaning the environment, hotels and holiday resorts are also doing their part to make sustainable tourism grow.

When picking your holiday resort or hotel research if they use sustainable or eco-friendly practices.

Some hotels and resorts detail initiatives from using recycled materials for everyday items, a ban on plastics, renewable energy use plus a host of other changes.

The cost might be slightly more, but by spending a little extra it could go a long way in helping the global environment.

Stop using Airline earphones

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Airline issued earphones may be small items, but they have a big impact on the environment.

After each flight, these earphones are thrown away, contributing huge volumes of waste – which cannot be recycled.

To help cut down on the waste, bring your own earphones or headphones.

By doing so, the volume of harmful, unrecycled, waste produced by airlines could be dramatically cut and will help sustainable tourism continue to grow.

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