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A Design Studio Has Managed to Transform an Old Bus into a Fully Functioning Swimming Pool

swimming pool bus

Ever wondered what old buses could be recycled into? A design firm have managed to give an old bus a very unique second life – as a swimming pool.

Benedetto Bufalino, a French artistic company, have unveiled their latest inventive project – a bus swimming pool – which couldn’t be a more perfect idea for an unusual refreshing dip in with summer now firmly arrived.

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To create the gravity deifying swimming pool, which is currently located outside Lens, northern France, Bufalino removed the side of the bus, emptied the interiors and retrofitted the body with materials that’ll allow it to hold and retain water.

To help it become swimmer friendly a life guard area was fitted, along with seating at either end of the pool to give people a place to relax.

The design and idea for the swimming pool are truly amazing and jaw-dropping, but Bufalino have been creating unique, functional objects for a long time.

The firm have made a caravan pool, a pizza oven made from an old car, skateboard street sign, a portable Fiat French fry station, and even a mortised phone booth.

To view the swimming pool or other very unique projects visit Benedetto Bufalino online.

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