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Mindfulness Mediation Experts Release a Collection of Free Resources to Help Self-Isolators

take a deep breath
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For those struggling to cope with working from home, job uncertainty, anxiety, disrupted sleep, loneliness and stress, Calm are offering a collection of completely free online resources.

Calm, the mindfulness meditation experts, are offering to provide ways to help combat those finding it difficult to cope with the forced self – isolation situation caused by the UK government lockdown on leaving homes with the – Take a Deep Breath wellness resource.

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The new service aims to stop those fearful of the spread of the coronavirus and the damage it is potentially causing to jobs, families and regular daily life.

Calm hope the resource, which contains everything from soothing meditations, sleep meditations, sleep stories, calming music, a calm masterclass, mindfulness resources, body calm, practices to find ease and calm for kids, can help stop people playing out the worst case scenarios in their minds and find inner peace during this difficult period.

The meditation specialists are also offering a Daily Calm Live Stream, a ten-minute mediation available Monday through Friday on the Calm Facebook and YouTube pages. Each day Calm explores an inspiring new theme and mindfulness concept.

The full list of available free mindfulness exercises and aids to help get people through the coronavirus pandemic is at Calm online.

For more information on the calm take a deep breath resource visit Calm online.

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