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A Revolutionary New Eco-Friendly Packaging Scheme Will Soon Be Available to Tesco Customers

In an effort to increase their eco-friendly credentials, Tesco have announced a trial of refillable packaging in select UK stores.

The supermarket giant is launching the UK’s first ever scheme aimed at eliminating harmful single-use packaging from its products by using refillable and reusable bottles, tins and tubs.

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tesco refillable packaging trial


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The revolutionary new scheme, called LOOP, aims to help combat global plastic-waste concerns.

Currently, the vast majority of recycled waste is being “downcycled” into lower value products or incinerated if they are contaminated beyond repair. This new initiative aims to close that loop through the use of sustainable containers.

The trial will initially involve 5,000 customers who will order their shopping online. The products will be delivered in stainless steel aluminium, glass, or sustainable containers, instead of traditional plastic packaging.

Once used, the containers are then returned to Tesco be cleaned, refilled and sent on to another customer.

Customers will pay a refundable deposit for each container, which will range in price from 80p to £5, to encourage them to return each container rather than throwing them away.

Close to 150 products and brands will be available to buy in the Tesco refillable packaging trial including Coca-Cola, Hellmann’s Persil and Tropicana.

The scheme will launch online in early 2020.

For more information on the Tesco refillable packaging trial visit Tesco online.

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