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Tesla’s New Solar Panels are Turning Saltwater Into Safe Drinking Water For Those Most In Need

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Tesla’s new solar panels have been revealed to be addressing one of the worlds biggest issues – bringing clean drinking water to some of the most at-risk people across the globe.

At a recently constructed facility in Kenya, Tesla’s energy powerwall batteries and solar panels are being used to make saltwater suitable for drinking, a major breakthrough to help bring clean water to parts of the world severely lacking adequate drinking water.

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The innovative new project was started by GivePower, an nonprofit focused on researching how to provide alternative water and power resources to rural areas. GivePower was acquired by Tesla in 2016, and together the pair have moved to help bring clean drinking water to areas most in need.

One of those areas was Kiunga, Kenya, a coastal town where residents were forced to drink water saltwater wells, something that results in kidney failure.

Using GivePower’s existing distilling technology, Tesla built an off-grid desalination system powered by solar panels and battery storage units, which converts saltwater into clean drinkable water. The system is entirely sustainable, and is even equipped with two parallel pumps to ensure the system is fully operational at all times.

The impressive facility provides 20,000 gallons of fresh drinking water every day, more than enough water to supply the town.

The development of the Tesla clean water initiative facility comes as the World Health Organisation revealed one in three people globally still do not have access to safe drinking water.

For more information on the Tesla clean water initiative visit Telsa online.

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