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This Train Ride Through the Swiss Alps Is the Peak of Luxury Travel

the glacier express

They say if you’ve done one train journey you’ve done them all, but this trip through the Switzerland has upped the ante with a luxury route through some of Europe’s most stunning landscapes.

The Glacier Express is central Europe’s answer to the Orient Express, taking passengers through the famous Swiss Alps, where you will be able to see majestic landscapes, impressive glaciers and, of course, in complete luxury.

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the glacier express

The Glacier Express

The Glacier Express is a luxurious Swiss train journey that runs from St. Moritz to Davos and finishes in the impressive southern town of Zermatt, where you will be able to view the very famous Matterhorn mountain.

Passengers will be taken through stunning forests, delightful villages, and see impressive glaciers.

And with the train traversing through some of the richest and most exclusive regions in the world, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it offers a service that fits in with its wealthy surroundings.

Aboard the Glacier Express is the Excellence Class, a travelling experience that rivals most five-star hotels, and is unlike anything train riders will have ever experienced during their daily commutes.

Before taking your seats at St. Moritz you are greeted by a red carpet and a group of bellman who will take care of any luggage you have and show you to your seats.

Once on-board, the spacious surroundings are nicer than most luxury hotels, with leather seats, wooden tables, large open widows and even a glass ceiling throughout the carriage offering unobscured views of the journey.

Along the way travelers will be served a refined five course meal made using local produce, with accompanying wines.

After the meal you will be able to enjoy the views with drinks from the glacier bar.

There is no sleeping accommodation on-board the Glacier Express, but included with the excellence class is a concierge service, who are able to book you into luxury hotels at each stop along the way.

Ticket prices for the Excellence Class on the The Glacier Express start at £350 with packages that include hotels at each stop along the trip priced at £1,000. To book your trip visit The Glacier Express online.

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