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Google Unveil a Unique Wellbeing Envelope That Aims Save People From Their Digital selves

google smart envelope
© Google & Special Projects

In an effort to help people detach from the mobile devices, slow their lives down and embrace a more holistic approach to the technology, Google has created a paper envelope for hiding devices.

Designed in collaboration with London-based design studio, Special Projects, the smart envelope intends to help people enjoy a break from the digital world by placing devices inside an envelope which transforms them into a simpler, slimmed down version of their original device.

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google smart envelope

Google & Special Projects

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As the digital world increasingly takes over our lives, with Google at the heart of everything we now do, the tech giants are looking for ways to help people regain control of their day-to-day and embrace a more wellness-focused, holistic approach to smartphone technology and use.

With the help of Special Projects, the smart envelope aims to reduce technologies use, such as making everyday mobile devices less appealing to spend hours on.

The unique smart envelopes essentially limit smart devices functionality, stripping them back to being able to simple and basic tasks such as making and receiving calls and also taking pictures or capturing videos.

There is no interactive screen or no addictive applications to draw your attention away from everyday life. It reduces smartphones into simple call and receive devices.

The Smart envelopes are available to be downloaded from Special Projects online, along with all the instructions on how to set up and use, for free.

The smart envelopes currently only support the Google Pixel 3a, with more devices set to be added later in 2020.

To download visit Special Projects online.

For more information on the Google smart envelope visit Google or Special Projects online.

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