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This Delightful Mini Trailer Is All You Need for Your Next Camping Trip

the meerkat mini campervan

With winter now officially over, camping season has finally begun and for those who are not completely sold on sleeping in a tent there is now a camping solution that could make an outdoor adventure a lot more fun.

Embracing nature is always something everyone loves to think about, but either the weather or the thought of trying to relax in an uncomfortable tent puts most off the idea.

San Diego-based designers Little Guy Trailers have created the perfect solution for those looking to enjoy a slice of the outdoors while still retaining a small level luxury and comfort with a camper called – the Meerkat.

The mini camper is designed to be a lightweight solution for those who feel a tent isn’t for them.

The Meerkat fits two people, weighs just 900 pounds, can be towed by almost any car, and can even fit into most standard garages with relative ease.

What is inside?

The interior features a range of standard amenities found in most typical caravans.

There is a dinette, fridge and seating area that transforms into a double bed, which comfortably sleeps two.

There is storage under each sofa cushion and the whole camper includes a 120-volt electrical system, perfect for charging those essential devices.

To understand why this camper has been called the meerkat you just need to look at the roof, which pops open just like the cute animals do when they are watching from prey, for exterior shade and air ventilation.

A standard Meerkat is priced at £17,820, while a customised colour verison is an additional £1,450.

For more information on the Meerkat, or other details on a range of campers, visit Little Guy Travelier online.

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