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The North Face Has A New Tent That Offers an Unmatched Camping Experience

the north face geodome

When it comes to embracing the great outdoors, no one does it better than The North Face, and the outdoor specialists have a new camping accessory perfect for the adventurer who likes to explore the outer limits of nature.

The North Face have announced they are releasing their Geodome 4 Tent to the world, after having it exclusively only available to buy in Japan and South Korea, much to the delight of campers and outdoor lovers.

the north face geodome

The North Face

Previously released only for Japanese and South Korea campers, The North Face have opened up its Geodome 4 Tent to the world, with a few additional updates, and it looks like it could hold up in bad weather better than some homes.

The updated Geodome 4, which was developed using architect Buckminster Fuller 1975 geodesic designs, focuses on improving the expedition standards for those looking to venture beyond your typical campsite.

The tent has been crafted to withstand extreme weather conditions, 60mph winds, snow, rain, hail, and anything else mother nature wants to throw at you.

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the north face geodome

The North Face & Pexels

The Geodome comes in either yellow or grey and features a duel layer water – resistant exterior, with a reflective flysheet, which is glow in the dark, to help the tent be seen in all conditions.

It is held together using five main poles, and one single equator – pole. The floor features bathtub standard, watertight material, five mesh covered windows, plus two top ventilation windows that’ll provide filtered air.

the north face geodome

The North Face

Once fully assembled, the Geodome 4 can comfortably sleep four, with space for standing.

The North Face Geodome 4 Tent is priced at £2,000, plus a delivery charge, and is available at The North Face online.

For more information on The North Face Geodome 4 tent, or any other camping accessory, visit The North Face Online.

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