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The Savoy and LEGO Team-Up To Create A Wonderfully Unique Christmas Scene

the savoy lego christmas
© The Savoy & LEGO

The Savoy and LEGO have reimagined Christmas decoration at the luxury Hotel with a host of stunning festive scenes made entirely from bricks.

LEGO designers have shunned traditional festive staples such as fur trees, tinsel and mistletoe, and embraced the world of creativity by building delightfully Christmasy scenes in the central London hotel for a collection titled “the twelve rebuilds of Christmas”.

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the savoy lego christmas

The Savoy & LEGO

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Inspired by the quintessential Christmas carol, “The 12 Days of Christmas”, LEGO have given the traditional carol a multi-coloured, brick-centric remix.

Instead of gold rings, lords leaping, partridge in a pear tree, purple doves and French hens, these LEGO scenes have been reimagined through the eyes of a child.

the savoy lego christmas

The Savoy & LEGO

The decorations feature everything from a dragon shaped Christmas tree called Finley, a princess rocket castle, a lion drinking tea, an explorer shark, a great oak tree and a host of other festively themed creative LEGO ideas.

The entire collection was constructed using an eye-watering 372,931 bricks, and took over 2,200 hours of building to complete.

The entire collection can been seen now at The Savoy Online.

For more information on The Savoy LEGO Christmas visit The Savoy or LEGO online.

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