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This Hotel and Wine Bar has Been Made Using Recycled Shipping Containers

the stow away hotel

In an effort to raise awareness of alternative environmentally friendly building materials available to business, this stylish eco-friendly hotel and wine bar has been built using a truly inventive source.

Design studio Doone Silver Kerr have managed to transform disused shipping containers into a luxury five-story hotel and wine bar; The Stow Away Hotel, in Waterloo, London, which they hope points to the future of sustainable construction projects.

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the stow away hotel

The Stow Away Hotel/Doone Silver Kerr

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The impressive hotel has been made from 26, nine-meter long shipping containers stacked five in a row.

Each container has been painted white, walls at one end removed and replaced with a glass window, and unique steel sunshades installed along the top left-hand corners of each container to offer protection from sunlight.

The rooms have been custom fitted with marble and plywood fixtures, and a rubber padding inserted along the walls to block outside noise. The super king-sized beds are multi-functional, offering both a sleeping area and couch for watching television on.

the stow away hotel

The Stow Away Hotel/Doone Silver Kerr

Each room has been decorated with a muted colour scheme to evoke a tunnel effect, and all have a micro-kitchenette complete with grill, hob, sink, fridge, and dishwasher, along with a range of utensils including crockery and cooking equipment.

All rooms have WiFi and a flat screen smart TV, plus luxury toiletries as standard.

A single night stay in a studio room for two people costs £180.

The ground floor hosts the Unwined wine bar, which has been created by the container walls being removed to open up a large entertaining space. The bar has been decorated using stainless steel, wood paneling and slate flooring.

To book a night or table in the wine bar at The Stow Away Hotel visit online.

For more information on The Stow Away Hotel visit Doone Silver Kerr online.

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