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A Tiny House Resort Exists, and It’s as Wonderful as You’d Expect

tiny house resort

In search of a weekend trip away that isn’t your typical log cabin, hotel, or spa experience?

Think Big! The Tiny House Resort is holiday spot that’s entirely made up of cute, comfortable, tiny homes, perfect for those looking to turn their backs on larger traditional holiday resorts and embrace something much smaller.

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Tiny homes have become a hot, not to mention very adorable, trend in recent years with the likes of Amazon and Ebay offering granny pods and other cute little kit homes for your back garden.

The Think Big! A Tiny House Resort has tapped into the petite home trend and is offering explorers a chance to sample small-space living, with a touch of luxury.

The Think Big resort, which opened it’s tiny doors in 2017, is based in the Catskill Mountains of New York, and has options for every style of adventure from couples getaways to long weekends with friends – it’s even dog friendly.

The delightful resort is open year-round and offers a chance for visitors to detach from their daily grinds and reconnect with nature.

Each tiny home is unique, all with different layouts that include a kitchen, bathroom, heating and air conditioning, and, depending on the house, sleeping space for between two and seven people.

The resort also features an outdoor film theater, a heated swimming pool, plenty of hiking trails, a creek where tubing and kayaking are on offer, and even daily yoga classes.

Not to mention, there’s plenty of animals from goats, rabbits, chickens, and ducks on the property as well, all freely roaming around to help make the tiny experience a whole lot better.

Prices for the Tiny House Resort range from £243 for two people per night. To book visit The Tiny House Resort online.

For more information on how to book your tiny holiday experience visit The Think Big! A Tiny House Resort online.

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