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This Electronic Bike Wants To Make Riding Sustainable, Friendlier and, Most Importantly, Fun

tryal electronic motorbike

When it comes to e-Bikes, there are plenty of options out there to choose from, but this award winning mini electric-motorcycle could be the one that finally convinces you to embrace the electronic revolution.

The new bike is called the Tryal, created by designer Erik Askin and New Deal Design, and could point to the future of motorcycling with its innovative design and surprising performance.

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tryal electronic motorbike

Erik Askin

The Tryal was a big winner at the Rizoma Design Challenge this year, taking home the top £5,000 prize with its forward thinking design and potential as an eco-friendly alternative to current fossil fuel guzzling modes of transport.

The bike features 14-inch wheels, bold colour options, clean iconic forms, and fun add-on’s such as customisable headlights and off-road tires.

tryal electronic motorbike

Erik Askin

The unique rounded, triangular body of the Tryal hides a large battery pack, which is built into the downtube area, and the whole bike moves using a toothed belt, that’ll help reduce noise and overall engine maintenance.

The bike is expected to be 125cc, perfect for short trips around the city, or for a quick ride around to feel the air around your face, and includes peddles for when you feel like taking over from the battery.

The only downside to the Tryal is that there aren’t any pillion pegs, which will make taking passengers for a spin difficult.

Unfortunately, the Tryal electronic motorbike is currently on in concept form, details of if it will be available to buy will be found at Erik Askin online.

For more information on the Tryal electronic motorbike visit Erik Askin or New Deal Design online.

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