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Dutch Tulip Farmers Have Found A Way To Send Uplifting Messages Using Their Flower Fields

tulips in holland
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As travel plans continue to be disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak, tulips in Holland are being used to spread joy with colourful plant-based messages.

Dutch tulip farmers are taking to their impressive tulip fields to design heartfelt messages of support and sentiment across their bright and wonderfully colourful fields, spreading the love and joy amid the difficult coronavirus pandemic situation.

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tulips in holland


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With international travel ground to a halt, for the Netherlands this means a loss of tourists coming to visit cities and the stunning tulip farms.

For those who were looking forward to visiting the impressive farms in 2020, the farmers are sending out messages of positivity in the meantime to help those who were looking forward to visiting them, and to do their bit to help people get through the difficult period.

tulips in holland


The beautiful designs are best to be viewed from above, with fields such as the Dutch Daffodils writing the message “see you next year” above a giant red heart.

Another message praises healthcare workers while others ask people to “stay strong” as the world battles to contain and eradicate the deadly disease.

While their is never a real substitute for being physically on a trip visiting new places and cities, farmers and the tulips in holland are illustrating a unique way to enjoy armchair travel.

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