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This Wine Bottle Comes In a Wine Box That Turns Into a Bird House

tyto alba birdhouse wine
© Companhia das Lezirias

To help cut down waste and promote environmental consciousnesses, Portuguese wine makers Companhia das Lexirias have designed a box for their wine that transforms into an adorable bird house.

Designed by Rita Rivotti Design Stuido for Companhia das Lezirias, the innovative box for the Tyto Alba – which translates to barn owl – wine range can be transformed into a home for birds to live in.

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tyto alba birdhouse wine

Companhia das Lezirias

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As one of the largest producers of wine in the region, Companhia das Lezirias set out the goal of being an active supporter of environmental research and sustainable practices for wine production.

One of their projects is helping to protect local barn owl populations, which at one point had reached dangerously low levels.

To combat this situation, the wine makers installed nesting boxing throughout their extensive property for young owls to settle into. By doing this, the company managed to slow the decline of the owl populations, and even mark them with radio transmitters to help track the owls movements and learn about their habits.

tyto alba birdhouse wine

Companhia das Lezirias

Following the initiative, the winery now has the largest resident barn owl colony in the world, who help to protect the vine crops from destructive pets, and keeping the local ecosystem in balance.

To keep celebrating the barn owls, Companhia das Lezirias created the unique bird box for their Tyto Alba wine range, with the help of Rita Rivotti. Each wine comes in a plain wooden box that features only the label of the wine and two different sized holes.

When the Tyto Alba birdhouse wine bottle is stored inside the box two barn owl eyes can be seen peeking through the holes, and when the bottle is removed and the box is installed outdoors those wholes will act as the bird house entryways for the owls.

For more information on the Tyto Alba birdhouse wine visit Companhia das Lezirias online.

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