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You Can Now Squeeze in a Power Nap at Work with This Helpful Under-Desk Hammock

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If you’re struggling during the day, or your week is getting you down, there’s now a simple, and super creative, solution to grab a quick snooze or zen moment to give you a much needed productivity boost while at your desk.

The desk hammock, from Uplift Desk, can transform your workspace into a nap area, perfect for those struggling to make it through the day, or for those who might need a quick mental health timeout during stressful periods of the day or week.

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An under the desk hammock is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a hammock that hangs under your desk where you can go to relax and grab a few moments of shuteye while at work.

The inventive desk accessory attaches to the underside of an UPLIFT V2 and V2 L desk or frames, but can be attached to other desk models with an easy to use rope attachment.

The hammock comes in either grey or blue, can hold hold up to 200lbs, folds into a sleek carrier bag, and is the perfect way to catch up on lost sleep, or just create a secluded place for you to zone out briefly.

The Under Desk hammock is priced at £50, with additional shipping fees to be added, and is available from Uplift Desk online.

For more information on the under hammock visit Uplift Desk online.

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