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8 Best Vegan and Dairy-Free Easter Eggs 2019

© MarjonBesteman / Pixabay

One of the most exciting parts of Easter has to be the inventiveness of the Easter eggs. Chocolate treats are no longer just milk chocolate wrapped in a basic foil, you can now enjoy a brilliant selection – including vegan and dairy-free Easter eggs.

If you’re looking for a tasty treat to tuck into then you just can’t go wrong with one of these.

Whether you fancy something traditional or an Easter treat with a difference, there’s something for every dietary requirement out there.

Moo-Free RANGE


Free from dairy, gluten and soya, the Moo-Free range of Easter eggs offer a bright and colourful range of chocolate eggs with a few twists to the taste.

Moo-Free Easter Bunnycomb Egg, Tesco, £3.99

Montezuma’s dark chunky egg, with buttons

For a deliciously moreish vegan treat complete with chocolate buttons, look no further than Montezuma’s dark chunky egg.

This egg is vegan, gluten-free, nut free, organic, soya and wheat free.

Montezuma’s Chocolate Button Egg, The Vegan Kind Supermarket, £9.99.

Vegan White Chocolate & Strawberry Easter Egg

For a vegan Easter egg with a difference, look no further than Sainsbury’s Free From Range. This white chocolate and strawberry Easter egg is a bright pink dairy-free addition to any choc-a-holics cupboard and is even said to taste like milkshake!

Strawberry & White Choc Egg, Sainsbury’s, £3.50

Booja Booja easter egg

For those who love a spot of luxury in life then check out vegan-friendly egg Booja Booja. Not only does it come with an exquisite hand painted art on the exterior but contains dairy free, organic and gluten free champagne truffles.

Booja Booja Fine de Champagne Truffle in Handpainted Easter Egg, Ocado, £24.99 

SO free range

If you’re looking for a dreamy Easter egg alternative range, then discover So Free. Choose from either milk or white chocolate safe in the knowledge that each is free from milk, wheat, dairy lactose and gluten.

They also happen to be made using 100% renewable energy.

So Free, White Chocolate Alternative Egg, Ocado, £4.29

Hard Boiled Easter EgG


For those who love their chocolate dark, Hotel Chocolat do a egg-cellent range of dreamy vegan Easter eggs.

Their hard-boiled eggs are essentially an edible work of art, with stunning geometric pattern on their outer shell  inspired by a trip to the Tate Modern.

100% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, Hotel Chocolat, £15

Goupie Easter Egg


If you love sticky toffee pudding then meet the vegan Easter egg equivalent: this new range from Goupie not only looks so delicious, but it’s actually environmentally friendly too.

The product features no plastic-moulding and is completely recyclable, while the tin egg is also reusable.

Goupie Salted Sticky Toffee Easter Egg, Vegan Town, £8.99

Free From Easter Egg with Choc Orange

Chocolate orange fans will be delight with this delicious offering from ASDA. It’s a chocolate-flavour Easter egg that also features chocolate orange discs on the side – all for under £5.

It’s of course vegan friendly as well as free from dairy, gluten and wheat.

Free From Easter Egg with Choc Orange Discs, ASDA, £4. 

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