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One in Five UK Adults Admit They Have Embraced Plant-Based Diets During the Coronavirus Lockdown

vegan society coronavirus study
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New research has revealed an increasing number of UK adults have ditched traditional meat diets in favour plant-based alternatives amid the coronavirus lockdown.

According to a new report published by The Vegan Society, one in five people have stopped eating meat and embraced plant-based, dairy-free diets during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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vegan society coronavirus study


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The Vegan Society coronavirus study, which was carried out on 3,682 British adults from 10 – 22 April, indicated one in five Brits have removed meat products from their diets during the lockdown, with a further 15 per cent reducing their dairy and egg consumption over the same time frame.

The results also revealed that 43 per cent of those who have cut down meat and dairy consumption did it for health, environmental, and animal rights reasons.

41 per cent admitted they bought plant-based products because their usual meat-based items were not available, with a further 15 per cent opting for the vegan alternative due to the increase in price of meat.

vegan society coronavirus study


The most important metrics identified by the study, however, was those who had purchased plant-based substitutes admitted they would buy vegan products again once the pandemic ends and 50 per cent who tried plant-based milk will keep buying dairy free milk in the future.

For more information on The Vegan Society coronavirus study visit The Vegan Society online.