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You Can Now Play Cards Against Humanity Virtually During the Coronavirus Lockdown

virtual cards against humanity
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To help with self-isolation and social distancing rules enforced by the UK coronavirus outbreak friends can still come together to play Cards Against Humanity – virtually.

PlayingCards.io is a new digital platform helping friends and families come together to play the hilarious card game, perfect for when you are sick of Netflix binges and need a dose of laughter with pals during lockdown.

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The virtual card playing platform is a simple and creative way to hangout with friends and family while social distancing during the UK coronavirus lockdown.

PlayingCards.io have developed a free version of Cards Against Humanity, which supports up to six players per game.

The platform allows users to create their very own virtual card table and connects with the other players using a shareable link.

The virtual game is built to make sure no player can see another players cards, until they play it, so there will be no cheating.

If you are unfamiliar with the rude, but hilarious, card game one player picks a question card from the deck. They read the question card out aloud and the other players all select their funniest answers by choose a card from their hand.

Once all the cards are in, the player asking the question then read them all aloud and picks the funniest.

The winner is the player who amasses the most cards by giving the funniest answers.

For more information on the virtual cards against humanity visit PlayingCards.io online.

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