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Volkswagen Introduces a New Era of Electric Driving with a Throwback to Their Past

When it comes to creating new environmentally friendly modes of transport, Volkswagen have gone back to the future with their latest offering.

The German car manufacturer have delved into their past, channeling 70’s hippy vibes and completely reinventing their iconic VW Camper, with a 21st century environmentally friendly twist, to create the Volkswagen electric microbus.

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volkswagen electric microbus


Volkswagen have been forced to endure a disastrous four years following their 2015 emissions scandal where they falsified pollution testing in their cars.

The company have moved from one disaster to the next, but are now ready to embrace a new life, and have begun by going completely green by re-imagining their iconic 70’s camper as an electric car of the future.

The Volkswagen electric microbus will come equipped with a battery system that’ll run from up to 340 miles, which can be topped up courtesy of a large solar roof panel.

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volkswagen electric microbus


The micobus will feature everything from an interactive touchscreen that’ll make locating even the hardest campsite a breeze, flexible seating to create generous in-car space for lounging, and even an AR head-up display that will project directions to your destination straight in front of you.

The micobus will also come with LED “eye” headlights that can let drivers and pedestrians know when you are about to turn a corner by pointing in the direction you’re heading.

If that wasn’t enough, instead of a traditional steering wheel and dashboard, the microbus comes with a simple touchpad.

The top speed for this modern day re-imagining of the 70’s iconic hippie wagon will be 99 mph, and will be available to order as early as 2020.

For more information on the Volkswagen electric microbus visit Volkswagen online.

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