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Waitrose Are Launching a Package-Free Initiative to Help Eradicate Plastic from Their Stores

waitrose packaging free trial

With sustainability, recycling, and the environmental at the forefront of everyone’s mind today, Waitrose have revealed they are piloting a scheme that’ll completely eradicate harmful food packaging from their stores.

The high-end supermarket has unveiled a plan to entirely remove packaging from their stores, offering customers the chance to buy food and drink completely free from packaging as part of a ground-braking environmental trial, which they hope to roll out nationwide.

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waitrose packaging free trial


As plastic waste becomes one of, if not the biggest, contributor to global environmental disasters, retailers are becoming aware they need to do more to remove single-use plastic waste from their stores.

The Waitrose packaging free trial system is part of a wider environmentally conscious vision by the retailer aimed at turning Waitrose into one of the greenest supermarkets in the UK.

The new packageless-free trial will focus on the Oxford, England, Waitrose, offering shoppers the chance to fill their own containers with a range of products from a series of dispensers, using the first dedicated refill station installed by a major UK supermarket.

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waitrose packaging free trial


The packagless food and drink options will include wine, beer, rice, pasta, cleaning materials and other basic household items.

There will also be a standalone pick-and-mix range of frozen fruit, and for those who don’t have enough tupperware or containers, there will be a borrow-a-box scheme, priced per box with a £5 deposit, to help shoppers transport their items home.

If eradicating plastic from their stores wasn’t good enough, the trial is estimated to reduce food and drink costs by 15% less than packaged alternatives.

Waitrose is among one of the UK supermarkets who have signed up to the Plastic Pact, which is an industry wide initiative to transform packaging and reduce single-use plastic waste.

For more information on the new Waitrose packaging free trial visit Waitrose online.

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