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This New Wellness App Wants Your Phone to Give You a Dose of Daily Digital Nutrition

wellness app

If your morning routine is making it harder for you to feel motivated for the day ahead it could be down to what you look at on your mobile device first thing, the Moonrise application is here to help prepare you for the day ahead.

Mindfulness tools have been around for a while, whether it be SAD lamps, to relaxation retreats, and now Apple and Google are encouraging more and more people to add helpful mental health applications to their devices.

Rather than focusing on meditation and stress management like other wellness apps, Moodrise offers up different forms of content so you can swap your morning Instagram scroll and Facebook stalk for something that could actually make you feel happier instead.

wellness app

Why Wellness Apps?

The reason behind the growth in mindfulness apps is simple: we are in the midst of a mental health crisis. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates one in every four people will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives.

Digital platforms are a very easy and simple way to counteract the issue. Whether it’s tackling anxiety or meditation people are doing what they can to try and manage their mental health by themselves.

That is where Moodrise comes in.

wellness app

What is Moodrise

Imagine waking up to a carefully curated package of photos, videos, graphics, sounds, music, and art, rather than potentially hard-hitting news, family drama and friend envy?

Moodrise, which launched 28 January, aims at delivering specifically selected images, video, and audio to iOS and Android devices, and audio content for Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Its creators suggest the precise selection of artistic stimuli can positively impact brain chemistry, and progressively elevate your mood by pairing proven science with the power of storytelling to help you feel better.

wellness app

How it Works

The way it works is the app focuses on the six most popular mood states including happiness, confidence and focus, and the related neurotransmitters that lead to these various mood state. Users choose the mood state they wish to address or improve and they receive content to help with those areas.

The idea of the app is akin to taking a digital pill to help improve mood states.

Moodrise has opted to leverage technology to nourish and support our emotional needs with an aim to improve mental health, strengthen resilience and elevate well-being.

The Moodrise app is available to download now on Android and iOS.

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