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A Vineyard in Portugal Is Offering Guests The Chance To Sleep in Giant Wine Barrels

wine barrel hotel

For lovers of wine, getting as close to the process of making a delicious bottle of red, white or rosé is super important and this Portuguese vineyard is offering vino drinkers a chance to experience wine from wine’s perspective.

The Quinta da Pacheca Estate, Douro, Portugal, has created a truly unique sleeping arrangement for visitors to the vineyard, guests will not be staying in traditional hotel rooms, instead they’ll be able to live like a grape in giant wine barrel hotel rooms.

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wine barrel hotel

Quinta da Pacheca Estate

If your love of wine drives you into wanting to experience what it’s like to live like one of your favourite grapes, this immersive experience could be what you have been waiting for.

Quinta da Pacheca Estate offers 10 luxury hotel-style bedroom barrels, spread across it’s stunning 140-acre northern Portuguese vineyard.

On the outside, each barrel is made from pinewood, while on the inside guests will feel like they’re in a wine barrel themed spa.

wine barrel hotel

Quinta da Pacheca

Each barrel is sized 270-square-feet and all include luxury amenities such as a double-bed, walk-in shower, skylight, WiFi, a private terrace, and air conditioning.

In addition to the wine barrel rooms, Quinta da Pacheca also offers guests wine tastings from it’s 116-year old estate vines, and a chance to sample delicious locally produced jam and olive oil at an on-site restaurant.

To book your stay in the wine barrel hotel visit Quinta da Pacheca online.

For more information on the wine barrel hotel visit Quinta da Pacheca online.

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