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This Slick Wine Dispenser Serves Your Wine and Enhances Its Flavour

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Nothing tastes as good as a well-aged wine that has been oxidised properly and poured into the perfect glass.

If you’re thinking that this sounds like too much work for you to enjoy a glass of wine, maybe you’re right, this is why Tapology! Wine Dispenser is here to save the day.

Serve your wine like a pro with this flavour enhancing device. All you have to do is insert your bottle of choice, press a button and enjoy.

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Whether it’s for a formal soirée, or just to make your evening glass taste that much better, this simple battery powered device will improve the flavours and subtle aromas of your favourite wine.

Kick back with the perfect glass of wine, every single time, thanks to this rapid aerator and dispenser.

wine dispenser

Urban Outfitters

The reason why you might want your wine to aerate is pretty simple. Exposing wine to air helps get rid of sulfites and ethanol which are added to wine to prevent oxidation and microbial activity.

These compounds can make the wine smell like burnt matchsticks once you first open the bottle, which is not the most pleasant smell or flavour.

After the wine has aerated you are left with all the aromatic and pleasant flavours of it, which is essentially what makes a wine tasting experience an enjoyable one.

Urban Outfitters


This aerates wine rapidly and fits most standard wine bottles.

All it needs as far as care and maintenance go, are two AA batteries (which are not included) and to be wiped to clean.

Who knows, your wine might taste that good that you won’t want to part with it, in which case you can always take it to the shower with you.

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